Blogger Blogspot SEO Tutorial For Beginners

We already had enough conversation about WordPress or Blogspot and for just one reason I do not like Blogspot because of the limitation of optimizing it for the search engine.

You will find many SEO Blogspot guides that might be on the internet, and most of them relate to template editing and all sorts of, however, in WordPress, plugins allow it to be simpler to optimize your site.

Anyhow, I am not here to dissatisfy my Blogspot buddies. Rather, I’ll be discussing some awesome SEO Blogspot tips which will help you improve ranking. Blogspot as being a free Blogging service, it’s usually a frequent platform to begin Blogging and discover the basics.

seo blogspot
Google Blogger is free of charge and simple to use web publishing tool. Many blog writers initially use Blogger after then Migrate to WordPress complaining about the possible lack of official templates, post Search engine optimization friendliness, plugins etc.

We’ve already talked about this in our previous post With little work we are able to make Blogger posts really Search engine optimization friendly as well as an effective free medium for internet business. Here I’ve collected some SEO Blogspot strategies for blogger blogs arranged in no order.

SEO Blogspot #1: Helpful Tips and Methods

Whenever we discuss Search engine optimization, an initial factor which you have to bear in mind is: We are able to control on-site and off-site Search engine optimization. 

On-page Search engine optimization is included on your part including article quality, how good it’s optimized for Keyword and meta value for your article.

There is no need, to feel furious or lost with above Search engine optimization terminology, as below pointed out guide will help you learn every fundamental making your Blogger blog more search engine friendly.

SEO Blogspot #2: Format Blogger Post URL link

Permalink plays an excellent role in internet search engine ranking of the post. You will find a couple of rules which everybody should follow for Blogspot permalinks:

  • Keep the number of characters in post title to 50
  • Remove Stop words from the permalink

While writing a blog post, you possess a choice to edit the permalink. Simply employ it to edit your permalink and take away the stop words. It is preferable simply to use Keywords inside your permalink. (Don’t allow it to look spammy).

While writing your blog post, you receive the choice inside your right panel to keep it automatic permalink or manual permalink. Simply select manual permalink and edit it based on your wish. Take a look screenshot for instance:

blogspot seo tutorial

SEO Blogspot #3: Maintain the Keyword Density

Keyword density is a vital aspect of much better ranking. Too less can result in less ranking and stuffing your Keyword can result in over optimization.

I usually maintain a ratio of 2% Percent. Though, you are able to pick keyword density for the Blog post Search engine optimization, account to one which fits for you.

Publish articles in relevance to post title and can include necessary keywords within the post. Never stuff keywords to control search engines like google.

But after the finish, you are able to evaluate the entire post to discover appropriate places where the keywords could be securely placed without annoying visitors.

SEO Blogspot #4: Proper Labels and Related Posts

Label add to the keyword density of the post. Labels ought to be increased instead of putting them into the single narrow category. I’ll explain this time by a good example.

Think about a situation when you’re posting about Google chrome and putting them into label windows software’s or browser. Here you’ll miss keywords like Chrome browser, Google Chrome, etc.

which may otherwise increase the keyword density from the whole post. Labels also affect relevant posts widgets in Blogger and when you will find a lot of posts tagged concentrating on the same labels, it might affect the arrangement of articles in related posts.

SEO Blogspot #5: Format Blogger Post Title

Whenever we discuss Blogspot Search engine optimization, post title plays a significant role. Blogger post title is generally adopted by homepage title. Take a look at the image shown below.

seo for blogspot
Here the post title should be “city of (long-distance ) Love! “. However, the title is included in your home page title ” Still in Berlin “, which would harm the Search engine optimization friendliness of this article title. This is how to repair this. Go to Blogger edit HTML and find out code section


and replace it with

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

SEO Blogspot #6: Format Blogspot Images for SEO

We’ve already shared an in-depth article on Image optimization for Search engine optimization and foundation of optimization your image on Blogspot is as simple as adding alt tag and title tags in each and every image.

In WordPress, this may be easily accomplished by utilizing plugins however in Blogspot this needs be achieved by manually. You need to insert them by manually after uploading each image. This is a guide for Image optimization for SEO.

SEO Blogspot #7: Meta Tags

Meta tags are generated HTML tags utilized by search engines like google to recognize the title, description, along with other details of the URL. They don’t have much influence on search as they were before but will make a small effect on specific keywords.

Provide good title, description, and footer text

The title, footer, and description plays a huge role in search engine optimization of each and every blog. If you’re focusing on, some keywords make certain that you simply included those keywords within the above-pointed out locations.

SEO Blogspot #8: Nofollow external links

Nofollow is an HTML attribute specified on hyperlinks to block search engine benefit of external links inside a website. In Blogger, you are able to select HTML section of the post window and add rel=”nofollow” attribute soon after URL to prevent search engines from crawling a specific link.

SEO Blogspot #9: Format Comment Section

The Comment section should not be no-followed and moderated to prevent spam comments. Try to include the post keywords when you’re responding to readers comments. This could also equal the entire keyword density from the post.

Since Google has integrated Google comment form with Blogspot, I recommend you to definitely enable it. This can make sure you get greater social networking interaction and share your post.

Blogspot is Google’s baby blogging service and should you choose it right most likely you’ll be doing great when it comes to traffic.

I really hope this informative guide provides you with a far better understanding of Blogspot Search engine optimization, though my suggestion could be whenever you think you are ready with Blogging and had enough experience on Blogspot, proceed to WordPress.