LSI Keywords Research Tool

Did you know it’s essential to work with LSI keywords rather than follow a keyword density formula to rank greater in search engine searches?

The biggest trouble with LSI keywords is the fact that there are not many tools available for researching LSI keywords associated with your target keywords. The simplest and most convenient method for doing this is by using a Google search. If you look for any keyword in the search engines, it shows more searches associated with similar keywords.

Here’s an example from Google Search:

lsi keywords

Google Related Search Result

In addition to this idea, I would like to share with you some free software application available on the web that will help you to find LSI keywords associated with your target keyword.

LSI-Graph /LSI Keyword Generator

LSI-Graph is the latest free Search engine optimization tool available on the market which allows you to generate Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. This is definitely the easiest tool anybody can use, even with no Search engine optimization skills at all. All that you should do is add your target keyword, and it’ll generate the associated LSI keywords.

LSI Keywords Research Tool

LSI Keywords Research Tool

As you can see in the above screenshot, it recommended LSI keywords in my target keyword.

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How to Use LSI Keywords

LSI keywords and keyword density are two different things, but they’re closely related.

The initial factor you need to have with you is the keyword that you’re attempting to target together with your content. You should use SEMRUSH or Google Keyword planner tool to find keywords. (I suggest SEMRUSH, as it makes it easier for those who have little Search engine optimization knowledge to find keywords with very little effort).

  • Write content naturally: When you’re writing content, focus more on storytelling and writing naturally.
  • Optimize content for keywords: Follow the On-Page Search engine optimization listing, and optimize your post for the target keyword.
  • Add LSI keywords: Use LSIGraph or Google search to find a list of LSI Keyword for the target keyword. Put them whenever we can without diluting natural flow of the content. It’s not necessary to include all the generated LSI keywords – only those which match your article.
  • Use as image alt tag: Your images must have an alt tag as a primary keyword. The rest of the images might have LSI keywords as alt tags, as long as they’re relevant.
  • Don’t over-optimize: Because you be aware of a to-do list, it’s also wise to be familiar with what to avoid. Don’t attempt to over- optimize your articles for just about any keyword, as it’ll have a negative effect on your ranking. Use a WordPress plugin like SEO Pressor to check the optimization of the content. If it can be done naturally, it’s not necessary a WordPress plugin to look out for and correct any over-optimization.

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Should you stick to the above guide strategically and inside the allowable limits, you will enhance the ranking of the content. You will find very few LSI keyword finder tools available, and LSI-Graph is among the best I’ve seen. You may want to bookmark it for the quick reference.