When I started my business, every website recommended that Pinterest is the best way to increase your fan base and viewers. It is one of the most powerful and influential visual media sites. There are around 100 million active users that drive far more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook combined.

But, why Pinterest is great for your business?

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According to a survey by WGSN Pinterest users usually spend more with average order values of $123.50 versus Facebook users $54.64. Can you believe that?

Traffic referrals from Pinterest to websites continue to grow as, unlike other social media sites that connect people with other people. It was created to help people connect with things they are more interested. So, as a business, you can build your products around user’s interest and market it easily to grow your traffic to your website or blog.


Also, you can create a link back to your website on all Pinterest post with just a click of the mouse. That means the audience can easily read or buy your products. The thing is it increases the reach of your products and services as it has higher content longevity.

As a business owner, I understand most of the time and hard work goes into creating content. So to make your life easier you need to find a Pinterest marketing tool. Don’t worry I did some research and found a great tool for your Pinterest marketing Viralwoot


It is one of the best Pinterest tools because it’s easy to use. When you sign up to your Viralwoot account you will get a credit of 50 seeds.


It is a virtual currency of Viralwoot that works on the principle of mutual promotion. Where you can gain likes repins & followers on Pinterest by exchanging seeds and follow other users to keep filling your account with seeds.

To help raise your profile on Pinterest you need followers, repins and likes. Just set the value of seeds for each like in your account and you’re done, but you can set seed limit up to 4 seeds. In order to increase the limit, you need to buy seeds. Now, you’re probably wondering about the price, well it’s easy on pocket compared to other tools.

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So to maximize the benefit I brought 1000 seeds for just $29 and within 1 month I’ve gained 463 followers, 172 repins and 325 likes. I mainly focused on followers as Viralwoot provide you genuine followers and all this I did with just spending 15 – 20 min daily.

ViralWoot – Pinterest Marketing, Promotion, Strategy and Ideas

There are several additional features that will allow you to improve your Pinterest marketing with Viralwoot.

viralwoot promote and manage pins

Promoted pins: you can start promoting pins and you can even link your website which can greatly increase presence on Pinterest and gain traffic in a fast manner.

viralwoot suheduled pins

Schedule pins: you can easily schedule pins anywhere from the web with Viralwoot Google Chrome extension: https://goo.gl/oO2Diu

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A premium plan allows you to upload images from your computer or Facebook, Instagram, Google search and more.

viralwoot pin alert

Pin Alerts: with this you can track exactly what people are pinning.

pinterest stats

Pinfluence score: It provides information about Pinterest trends, new followers, repins, board performance and engagement report of your Pinterest account.

Also, you get tips on what are the dominant colors, best days, and time to pin.

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And if you upgrade to monthly and annual premium plans you can schedule 12,000 pins and manage around 10 accounts and advanced Pinterest analytics to measure your performance on Pinterest.

I have revealed the secret weapon, now go sign up to Viralwoot and drive traffic to your blog too. Also, what other Pinterest tools you found to be most effective? Please do tell me in the comment section.