Anybody beginning his/her journey online, the first thing they need is an Professional Email address. I remember, when first time I created my email address in 1998 using Yahoo mail service, I had no clue how to choose a name for my email address. I entered random name, and landed with a username like “abhisheksingh”, and today it’s been almost fifteen years, and I’m still utilizing the same handle everywhere. Whether it is my Twitter, Facebook or other online presence website.

After I began, I’d just a little knowledge about internet, and no knowledge about branding, and importance of a good professional email address. The majority of my buddies, emails have prefix or suffix something similar to “awesome” “sweet” “love”, and so on. Such names look great in Emails if we are teen, but as we reach the age or professionalism, getting this type of name doesn’t reflect our personality, and become a reason for embarrassment.

professional email address

A blogger can always a get a professional email address, with something similar to,, but for a standard user who’s using services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail to create an e-mail account, choosing a great Email name is vital.

Specifically, at Inspiration Me, a great number of visitors are college students, or individuals who’re starting their professional career, and for them it’s the best time for you to undo the incorrect, and select an e-mail name which not just represent them strongly, but additionally they could use it for coming years.

How to Choose a Name for Your Email address:

If you’re beginning now, and planning to get an email address like, it might be tough, as the majority of such Emails addresses are already taken. Initial factor for you to do is, you can select the Email service you are planning to use. My recommendation could be Gmail or Outlook. Outlook is fairly new, and you may easily get the preferred email address. Here I’ mentioning couple of tips which will help you select a email name, which doesn’t suck:

Your Name:

Nothing might be much better than making use of your name as their email. For instance, For those who have a common name, chances are high, such Emails are already taken. Within this situation, you are able to alter words. For instance:

  1. Singh.Abhishek
  2. Asingh or A.Singh

Many Email providers enables you to use couple of special characters like underscore, dash that could be employed to get a preferred email username.

Easy to Remember:

Pick a username, which isn’t only memorable, but simple to pronounce too. Because we are dealing with personal email address, which we usually don’t include our business card, having a short and easy to remember email address will do the magic.

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Things to Avoid While Choosing Professional Email Address Name:

  • Don’t use any prefix or suffix like (Sweet, innocent, hunk), while choosing your email address.
  • Your email address is about you, so don’t link your email address together with your boyfriend/girlfriend name.
  • If you from one of those culture, where your surname (Family name) changes after marriage, avoid using sir name inside your email address. Instead use a something that defines you. For instance: Er.abhishek. Advisable could be making use of your profession initials.

Whenever you’re creating a new email address or choosing an email address, consider your email address as the online identity. Think, the way your email address will seem after 10-15 years from now. Your email address shouldn’t only talk about you, but additionally show professionalism.

I really hope this quick guide will help you select the right email address in the future, and for those who have curently have their email which doesn’t seem professional, it’s not too late to get a new Email account.

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