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As a blogger and savvy internet users, all of us are smart so we know where and how to download WordPress premium Themes online. Who’re using Torrent software’s to download and spread the piracy. Anyways, this information is not about Piracy however… Continue Reading →

What is social media optimization? Like search engine optimization, Social media optimization plays a huge role in the success of an site. Specifically, now social signals impact Search engine optimization of the blog, Social media marketing and optimization of the… Continue Reading →

Reduce Bounce Rate: We keep speaking about increasing traffic to our website, but two key elements which we frequently neglect to consider are user engagement and user behaviour. Whenever a site will get 10,000 hits each day, but all visitors leave… Continue Reading →

Are the users leaving your website after reading the very first post? Increasing page views and reducing bounce rate is a huge challenge for site owners. Showing users related content has shown to be an ideal way of having more page views. It… Continue Reading →

Genesis child themes is probably the most popular WordPress theme framework and it is used by lots of popular bloggers out there. There are no clear statistics the number of WordPress websites are run by Genesis but many of bloggers… Continue Reading →

Using AdSense & want to increase adsense revenue? Here I’m discussing tips which will help you to improve your revenue. Adsense is among the top advertisement programs for bloggers. I’ve already written extensively about good reasons for using Google Adsense and for… Continue Reading →

What’s anchor text? Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink that’s shown on a web page. The HTML syntax for anchor text is: <a href=””>Example Anchor Text</a> How anchor text helps with improving your site ranking: You will find many indirect and… Continue Reading →

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