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Google Corporation is an American multinational technology company concentrating in Internet-related services and products. Included in this are internet marketing technologies, search, cloud-computing, and software.The majority of its profits come from AdWords.

Google Images Advanced Search: Everyone knows images are extremely helpful to create your site post look attractive, so we can’t use any image from online in your blog. Earlier, I’ve shared Google Reverse Image Search. Now, one mistake which we frequently make is:… Continue Reading →

A Gmail mail merge program can help you send personalized e-mail to multiple contacts all at once. Each message has got the same content however, many areas of the content could be personalized – as if you can greet each… Continue Reading →

How To Do a Google Reverse Image Search Google Reverse Image Search option in the Google Images will help you rapidly uncover related images from online. Upload an image out of your desktop to Google Images and it’ll demonstrate similar images… Continue Reading →

Google Glass Google Glass is a project started by Google that is designed to bring hands-free display technology to the public. By utilizing voice commands, users can communicate with their Google Glass gadget to get details from their mobile phones,… Continue Reading →

Chromebook Pixel 2015 Google on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 released the second generation high-end Chromebook Pixel 2 laptop. The new and modified Chromebook Pixel 2 will be available on Google Store. The Google Chromebook Pixel 2 comes with two models,… Continue Reading →

Google Self Driving Car Project Designed By Google Google has been making enough improvement in its self-driving cars that it considers it could be prepared for a broad-scale use within five years. Google has revealed the first absolutely working  road-legal model… Continue Reading →

Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit Just like Oculus Rift You do not need a $350 Oculus Rift (OR) developer kit to experience Virtual Reality (VR), as indicated by Google. Everything you need is a bit of cardboard and your Android… Continue Reading →

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