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Google Images Advanced Search: Everyone knows images are extremely helpful to create your site post look attractive, so we can’t use any image from online in your blog. Earlier, I’ve shared Google Reverse Image Search. Now, one mistake which we frequently make is:… Continue Reading →

A Gmail mail merge program can help you send personalized e-mail to multiple contacts all at once. Each message has got the same content however, many areas of the content could be personalized – as if you can greet each… Continue Reading →

How To Do a Google Reverse Image Search Google Reverse Image Search option in the Google Images will help you rapidly uncover related images from online. Upload an image out of your desktop to Google Images and it’ll demonstrate similar images… Continue Reading →

Apple’s  iPhone 6 iOS 9 update is because of arrive this fall and lots of customers happen to be trying out the brand new iOS 9 features included in an open beta. The apple iPhone 6s will probably obtain a… Continue Reading →

Sony Project Morpheus: Design The 2015 Sony Project Morpheus keeps its predecessor’s Full HD 1920 x 1080 display, but ups it from 5inches to 5.7inches, which provides a 100 degree’s field of vision. Additionally, it features RGB subpixels, that help… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Lumia 940 Microsoft  is planning to launch its next flagship smartphone named as Microsoft Lumia 940 after releasing a number of mid-range gadgets like Microsoft Lumia 640, Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, Microsoft Lumia 540, Microsoft Lumia 532, Microsoft Lumia 525, Microsoft Lumia 430 and Microsoft Lumia 435 in the past couple of months. On April 17, According to Nokia Power User (NPU) had reported about the Lumia 940 and Lumia… Continue Reading →

Quadro M6000 The Quadro M6000 is the most powerful graphics card so far designed by NVIDIA. Released in march 21st, 2015 this year. The Quadro M6000 is just released after NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X. In terms of hardware, they… Continue Reading →

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