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Social Media

The most recent occurrences in social networking, plus tips about using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare along with other social tools on the internet.

When I started my business, every website recommended that Pinterest is the best way to increase your fan base and viewers. It is one of the most powerful and influential visual media sites. There are around 100 million active users… Continue Reading →

The building blocks of the social media strategy is to know who your target audience is and why they will use social media. Social media is among the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal. If you are using it properly, you… Continue Reading →

What is social media optimization? Like search engine optimization, Social media optimization plays a huge role in the success of an site. Specifically, now social signals impact Search engine optimization of the blog, Social media marketing and optimization of the… Continue Reading →

Facebook Business Page: Facebook has evolved as such a big social media platform that organizations are spending huge money to reach their customers. This really is this type of platform where individuals hangout in realtime, so calling the client and… Continue Reading →

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