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Operating System

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Chromebook Pixel 2015 Google on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 released the second generation high-end Chromebook Pixel 2 laptop. The new and modified Chromebook Pixel 2 will be available on Google Store. The Google Chromebook Pixel 2 comes with two models,… Continue Reading →

Disable check disk (chkdsk) on windows startup In some cases check disk always begins to check the system files on one or more drives for consistency on Windows Startup. On the off chance that any key is pressed, the ckhdsk checking… Continue Reading →

Deploy Smart Folders Smart folders information in OS X is one of those features that we might not fear to understand how to use, though once we do, we eliminate to see how we ever resided though them. The loveliness… Continue Reading →

1. Search smarter The spotlight isn’t new, yet it touches base with some new peculiarities: As with Spotlight on IOS, you can now seek the Web and your icloud locker and also nearby documents (utilize the Spotlight choice as a… Continue Reading →

1: Ubuntu Smaller Unity Launcher You presumably realize that you can change the measure of the Unity Launcher through the slider exhibit in the System Settings > Appearance sheet. Anyhow, until this discharge, the base size was altered and could… Continue Reading →

Chrome OS – Traditional Operating Systems designed by Google Chrome OS is an Operating System (OS) based on the Linux system kernel and designed by Google to work with web programs and installed applications. Chrome OS was declared by Google… Continue Reading →

Microsoft skips Windows 9 and bounce to Windows 10? During a function in San Francisco, Tuesday, Sept 30, 2014 Microsoft company formally declared Windows 10. Releasing to the general population in 2015. But why drop Windows 9? On the off… Continue Reading →

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